Clubbing and Bar Hopping in Novi

Novi is a popular destination in Michigan for those who love hitting the trendiest bars and clubs. Located within Oakland County, Novi is currently one of the fastest growing cities in our state. It's been in a continual growth cycle since the 1950s, encouraged further by the addition of popular shopping destination Twelve Oaks Mall in 1977.

Novi Party Bus

Many people love to come into the area for shopping in the day and then hit the clubs the same night. One of our favorite things to do is get a party bus from Party Bus Detroit for an all-in-one day of shopping and bar hopping. Visiting your favorite restaurants in between destinations rounds the day out and makes it more fun, and with a party bus you never have to worry about getting too tipsy and needing a designated driver! Even parking is taken care of for you. It's truly a no-worries way to travel and have fun in Novi.

This website is designed to give you a glimpse into each of the best clubs, bars, and pubs in the Novi area. You can navigate our pages by clicking on the links to your left. Address, phone, and website info is included for each of our picks, along with all the highlights and reasons that we love each club.

Enjoy browsing the site, and have fun clubbing in Novi! If you're not in Novi try Wrigleyville Bars in Chicago or Hollywood Bars in LA. If you need tree service in the metro Detroit area try Detroit Tree Service. For any granite countertops you may need try Detroit Granite. If you're in the Houston area try Washington Ave Bars.